Will and Caroline


I'm Will and I love my job.


I'm totally, head-over-heals in love with shooting on film.


I work with my wife Caroline, and occasionally with one or two other talented assistants.


I studied Fine Art at university and purchased my first super 8 camera to make stop-frame animations recording the process of painting, but it soon became more about the film than the painting.


I teamed up with a friend to enter a super 8 film competition called straight 8, that I'd seen on Channel 4 late one night.


To enter, you have to make a film on one 3 minute cartridge of Super 8 film, without any editing.


Hundreds of people enter every year including some high profile directors like Edgar Wright.  Amazingly, we were selected for their Cannes screening for a record 5 consecutive years and had our work screened at festivals all over the world.


Alongside a few exhibitions and screenings in London art galleries and forays into the world of music videos and animation I took over the running of straight 8 full-time until 2012 and still help out and occasionally even enter.


In 2009 Caroline and I offered to shoot a few friend's weddings on Super 8 as gifts and Ciné Reportage was born. We loved doing it and it's what we've done ever since.


I have an evolving collection of around 50 Super 8 and 16mm cameras, dating from the 1930s to the 1980s. We use many of them regularly - you cans see some of my favourites on our camera page.


When Caroline isn't shooting wedding films with me, she's designing beautiful baby clothes.


When I'm not making wedding films you can usually find me taking photos, making music videos, walking in the Peak District and riding old bicycles.





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